Industrial design is a sector in witch with our creativity but also our technical knowledge we can make a prototype of any product. We can bring Your idea to the final stage of a finished product solving any of the design “problems” along the way and offer You an attractive product, functional and technical but still keeping it productively feasible and economic.

3D modeling and rendering is possible as a separate task, as a part of the product designing process or as part Yours or ours concept presentation. Our knowledge of specialized computer programs for modeling and rendering and the ability to understand and “read” architectural and engineering drawings assures a high quality service.

Yacht design is a field where beside our primary activities that are design and concept creation we can offer all the needed documentation such as feasibility studies, preliminary project, classification and workshop drawings and calculations. Beside the project our services include contracting and intermediation for ship building, building control and our private production and equipping of interiors. Since last year we started offering redesign work for the interiors of race sailboats in the ORCi class to reduce weight and facilitate movement inside the boat.

Interior design is closely related to interior design and 3D visualizations so it was only natural to include it in our services. With you experience and knowledge e can help You create your perfect home, office or restaurant. With our visualizations you will be able to see and get the feel of the space even before the building starts.

2pixel studio offers the production of design furniture and and other furniture on demand in its own workshop.

From now on 2pixel studio offers a new type of interactive 3D viszalization using the UDK Engine. Read more here.