DY 40

This out of the ordinary 40m long sail yacht is a confirmation of 2pixel's philosophy which offers to the owner distinct design solutions, new sailing technologies and respect of ecology

Technology - Soft wing sail
Ecology - Electric propulsion system
Design - Minimalist with the idea of openness

Soft wing sail doesn't create vortices aft of the sail as the normal rig types. The result is more lift and less drag, and an additional benefit is that the forward portion of the batten creates a vector that reduces sheet loads, making sail trimming easier. Also, there are no highly loaded stainless fittings to fatigue, and the rig is self-refitting on all points of the sail in all conditions.

Length: 40m   
Beam: 8.44   
Draught keel up: 3.70  
Draught keel down: 5.60
Hull: Aluminium
Superstructure: Composite
Engine power: 600hp electro

2pixel yacht design