Admiral boat "VIS" was built in the shipyard of "Uljanik" in 1956, projected for and in function of the Headquarter Command Ship of Yugoslav Navy forces, until the early nineties of the past century. 58m long, 8,7m wide on its widest side with a total displacement of 670t and 3m draught constructed with the highest technological tools of its time; iron hull and aluminum superstructure, three auxiliary engines with generators as sources of electrical energy, this boat was run by two slow-motion, now worn out, diesel engines of 1000HP each. Originally the boat interior was equipped with two saloon rooms and 32 cabins with 52 berths, and all the decks were coated with 6cm thick of well preserved high quality teak wood.

Project Vis is managed by the Design2O group and is currently searching for possible buyers and investors that would with the help from the group lead the project of repurposing Vis to serve as a luxury yacht to realisation.