The approach to construction on which Combo Cube is based on allows for the customization of the interior design to the the client's needs depending on the function and use. Each Combo Cube unit is made on demand therefore changes on specific details are possible. If needed a custom unit can be made with different dimensions of the metal framework and by that increasing the thickness of the thermal insulation giving it better performance.

With our in-house design team we can involve the client in the designing process and trough the creation of 3D renderings we can visualize the final product that can be modified further before construction and also avoid high cost of architectural practices.

With the simple addition of solar panels for water heating and electricity generation and tanks for potable and waste water our Combo Cube units modules can become completely autonomous and independent of the urban infrastructure making them ideal for remote location in the countryside.

In addition to the lower costs of site preparation work and cheaper administrative costs Combo Cube is considerably more energy efficient and power saving.

Thermal energy conductivity coefficients:
Composite wall: U=0,24 - 0,36 W/m2K
Roof and ceiling construction: U = 0.27 W/m2K
Floor construction: U = 0.33 W/m2K