The building materials used in making Combo Cube as the whole concept and philosophy ensure a high ecological standard and environmental awareness. The outer layer of the units is a composite of wood chips and concrete called Betonyp. High water resistance and low thermal conductivity make it ideal for this purpose. The Betonyp can be covered with all kins of aesthetic layers form acrylic facade to wood boards. The metal construction, flashings and roof all come from recycled materials and can all be recycled in return. High quality wall, ceiling and floor insulation along with multilayer windows ensure a high level of energy efficiency and by that lowering the energy consumption for heating and cooling. All the used materials are of the highest quality and in accordance with ISO standards. The metal frame is high-quality steel sandblasted, primed and painted.

Styrofoam boards ranging from 50 to 100 mm in thickness can be added under the facade layer for even more thermal insulation. The inner wall layers are waterproof plaster boards that allow the installation of standard electrical wiring, plumbing and lighting. The ceiling, floor and all walls are insulated with 100 mm of mineral wool. The steel floor frame is sheathed with OSB boards that allow for any type of final flooring except ceramic tiles where a layer of betonyp is needed before the tiles. The complex roof structure is a sandwich with corrugated plasticized sheet metal on the very top with an air cushion under it followed with a hydro-insulated metal sheet under which we find 100 mm of mineral wool and finally a waterproof plasterboard panel on the inner ceiling of the unit. All wiring and plumbing are of the highest quality and are installed by professionals, the same goes for all the windows that use mule-layer 4-16-4 mm IZO standard glass panels.